Monday, August 22, 2011

More Staghorn sumach

Following on from the previous post I started work on the second half of the Sumach log. This time I started hollowing in the bowl from the outside of the log rather than the split face. This created a completely different look from the colouring of the wood. The patterning in the bowl and back of the bowl being especially beautiful.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something special - Staghorn sumach

Something special

A friend gave me a piece of very unusual wood, Rhus Typhina, otherwise known as Staghorn sumach. The colours and the patterning are fantastic. The spoon was carved to show the beauty of the wood. 

It was not easy to carve the wood as it was very easy to tear the wood fibres, also it was intended that there should be no symmetry in the carving so getting a balance was a challenge.

Spoons from Silver Birch

Last week I collected a section of silver birch from my local nature reserve where some of the birch are being felled to allow the heathland to regenerate.

The Birch was very green and prone to tearing at the changes of grain direction but apart from that it was a pleasure you carve, I used this carving session to try differing handle shapes.

Buddleia Spoons

We cut back a Buddleia in the garden and I thought I would try carving some spoons from the largest offcut. The wood split nicely and I managed to make five different spoons. 

It was nice to carve and takes a very smooth finish.

Tools used, froe, axe and knife.