Monday, February 14, 2011

First carved spoon

While walking the dog I acquired a branch from a birch tree that was being felled because it was unsafe and leaning over a road.

So the time had come to carve my own spoon. I roughed it out with an old hand axe. Then I started to carve, it soon looked so bad I almost gave up. But by lunch time I had finished carving... almost. The bowl is hard to carve with a normal knife, I asked a fellow canoeist what he used and he lent me a spoon knife and I soon had a spoon :-)

 the spoon is 9" long

Of course it looks less than great to me now but it was a huge amount of fun to make and I am hooked.


  1. Hey, hey, Mark. Good for you! Will read with interest as your blog unfolds.....