Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Two bowls

Two bowls

Two bowls sitting on silver birch
Walking in my local nature reserve I noticed a silver birch being taken down so I had a chat with the warden and he kindly allowed me to take a branch away.
A week or so later I gathered some tools, froe, axe, large knife and a spoon knife and started work on two bowls.

The first step is to split the log into two halves and then start carving with the axe, the axe is used to quickly remove wood and rough out the intended shape. The shape is then refined with the large knife and the spoon knife is used to hollow the bowl.

Although the wood was split into two very similar halves the carving produced two very different bowls, the shape, thickness and curvature comes from working with the wood and not against it.


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  2. Loving these two bowls, Mark. Very Coupe du Voyageur and so nicely finished.

  3. Thanks Graeme, I wonder where the inspiration came from :-)