Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hand carved canoe cups - cherry

I have carved these two canoe cups in the style that harks back to the days of the voyageurs. The voyageurs were the men that paddled large canoes carrying beaver pelts to trading posts in what is now Canada. The voyageur wore a sash around his waist and the leather strap on the canoe cup was wound around the sash so that the drinking cup was always available.

The toggle is a stylised canoe.

I can find surprisingly little information on the style, sizing and history of the canoe cup and would appreciate any information that you may have.


  1. Hi, the wood is cherry which is one of my favorites to carve :-)

  2. Hi, the wood is cherry which is one of my favorites to carve :-)

  3. It is fun to find other folks who carve noggins.

    You ask about sources for more information. There are some drawings of historical noggins in The Voyageur Sketchbook. The noggins on this page with petals on the back are based on one of them.

    Here's a link to a class for carving them that gives some more details

  4. And now I have snooped around your other posts (and figured how to make a blogger profile), and admire all the forms of crooked knives you have, plus the bowl bench, and the lovely sumac, and... Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi, thank you for those links very interesting.

    Thanks Krandall, that sumach is lovely but if you carve it there is a sticky layer on the bark that is an irritant.