Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hornbeam spoon

Walking in my local woodland I see many Hornbeam trees which grow in tangled shapes or with long branches growing out to what seem unsupportable lengths. These are wonderfeul trees which give me much visual pleasure.

I had not attempted to carve Hornbeam because it is a very hardwood, traditionally used for canon ramrods, cogs, tool handles, chopping blocks and pulleys, in America it is often called Ironwood.

But having been offered some green hornbeam I decided to try something small, a spoon. Much to my surprise the wood was a joy to work and when finished the spoon is very smooth and comfortable to use.

Spoon knives courtesy of Dorset Woodland Blades.

 The spoon is 165mm long.


  1. Never worked Hornbeam and I too would have been wary of it due to its hardness. It just goes to show that when green, things can be much different. I'll need to seek some out but there's not a lot up here. Postal swap?

  2. Hiya, I will keep an eye out for some. There is plenty in our local woodland but it is national trust so I have to wait until they take some down.