Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spoon from Cherry

I was lucky to be invited to a greenwood working weekend at a private wood, the wood is owned by people who make high quality chairs from greenwood. There was a mix of experienced people at the weekend with a variety of skills and I hoped to learn some of their basic techniques.

I was kindly given some very fresh Cherry and I started work on a large, 15 inch, spoon. Cherry is a lovely wood to work with with beautiful colouring. I started on the log I was given by splitting lengthways and one half was axed into a rough spoon shape.

A Mora bushcraft knife was used to refine the shape and a spoon knife was used to hollow the bowl. Finally a light sanding finished the spoon.

I did learn an amazing amount from the greenwood workers and made some new friends at the same time, I will be back for more.

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